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CPC analysing and CPC analyzer

1.What is CPC

CPC which is known as Cost Per Click and PPC which is the Pay Per Click are the most widely used
terms in the online business now these days. These are generally not familiar to most of the
Internet users. so here is a free tips to understand them.

PPC is an internet advertising technique used on the web pages.Here the advertiser posts the
advertisement and when the visitor clicks on the advertisement, the publisher of that
advertisement will get paid for the click. The advertiser generally put some bids on the keyword
phrases which will be most relevant to the content of the publisher website.Usually this will be a
fixed price rather than dynamic bids.

CPC is the amount of the money the advertiser pays for the advertising company. A commission of
this amount will given to the publisher.

There are lot of ways the publisher can put the ads on the site. But whenever the site traffic is
more , then the chance of getting high paying Ads is more. The different CPC programs are
explained below

2.Different CPC programs

  • Google Adwords and Adsense

Google adwords and adsense are the famous cost per click programs ( also known as pay per
click).The basic difference between the google AdWords and adsense are, the Google adWords are for
advertisers and adsense are for publishers.
So here is the flow :
advertiser contact google for the advertising their ads for google's big advertising
network.Google put these ads on their search results ( as sponsored results ) and also in the
large advertisement sites. When ever a visitor clicks on these ads, advertiser pays google for the click.this is what called adwords.

Now comes the adsense. its mainly for the publishers. any website owner who has a content rich
website can apply for the google adsense. In some countries google put a restriction that the site
should be active for six months before applying for the adsense account. So once the account is activated , google will put Ads on the publisher's website. google has custom javascript codes for showing the content based on the publisher's website content. So smart they are !! when the visitor clicks on these ads, then the advertiser pays google a particular charge and the publisher will get some commission of this amount.

Visit Google adwords and adsense from here : ,

  • Yahoo publisher network

Yahoo also started theit publisher marketing program which is known as Yahoo publisher network.This also works as the same way as the google adsense works. they also have the technology to show the ads based on the content of the publisher web site.In addition to the contextually matching ads which yahoo provides , they are giving an extended option to select the ads based on the specified interest. so the webmasters can choose the ads based on their website visitors interest. Yahoo publisher network is not that popular as google adsense comparatively.

Visit Yahoo Publisher network from here :

  • Kontera

Kontera is another CPC program. They follows a different kind of Advertisement in the publisher website ( even though the basic definition is same). I mean, the basic flow is same as google adsense. the advertiser is paying for the click on the ads appearing on the publisher's site and publisher is getting the commission for this click.

The difference here is how they are displaying the ads in the publisher's website. They are using a different technique called "In -text advertising " . Its bit different from the techniques which yahoo and google are using. Yahoo and google will show the content in some boxes as links based on the content of the website. but in "In -text advertising" , they will convert the existing content words into links. They wont do it for all the words in the links, instead they will select the random ( or they will be having a different algorithm for selecting the words ) and make them as links. so when the visitor mouse over in this links, he can see the advertisement. Once he clicks on this advertisement, then he is redircted to the advertiser's website and the advertiser pay for that.Kontera is a nice choice for most of them who probably got disabled their adsense account.

Visit Kontera from here :

3.How to analyze CPC

There are different tools available online for showing the high paying keywords and their CPC. Basically most of the tools query the search engine and find out the frequency of a keyword is used and the price value of that keyword. As i told earlier, the CPC is the amount in which the advertiser is paying to the advertising company, most of the CPC rates will be hidden. One of the main policy of the google adsense is that, they wont reveal the CPC rate of the ads they are showing in the publisher website.

Here are some useful links for some CPC analyzer tools and keyword analysing

Google keyword analyser tool :

Word Tracker :

CPC tracker tool :

CPC analyser :            

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