Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Is your laptop's keyboard and touchpad not working ?

I have heard this issue many times. Many people had this issue. The scenario will be like this, You switch on your Laptop , after some time suddenly your keyboard and touchpad start playing with you.

They simply stopped working !!! What to do now ??

Ofcourse, you can make them understand that never play with you. in many laptops, there is an option to disable the keyboard and touchpad. those are the key combinations FN+F7 or FN+F9 in most of the laptops. so there might be the chance that you have disabled the laptop.

Press the key combinations again to enable the touchpad and keyboard.

Still problems ????

Now its high time to do the second test. Is your battery is good ?
now we need to check whether the laptop battery is the culprit. to do simply remove the battery from the laptop. now connect the power cable directly to the laptop. switch on the laptop and check whether the touchpad and keyboard are working or not.

if this time they are working , then it was the battery who was making the problems.. Its time to replace the battery.

Finally that will solve the problem

I hope this will be helpful to Many ----


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